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Clutch Disc Is Another Part Of The Clutch

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Clutch disc is a main part of the clutch, the clutch transmission power is the friction between the clutch disc and the active part of the frictional action to achieve the transfer torque. Common injuries are: spline hub key teeth wear, steel and joint plate between the loose rivet, steel sheet warping rupture, friction linings wear, ablation, hardening, cracking and loosening of rivets, in the repair process, Clutch Disc to carefully check to give repair. If the friction linings need to be replaced for riveting, more attention should be paid to prevent clutch clutch disc warpage.

Clutch disk is another part of the clutch, is through the friction conversion, Clutch Disc the engine torque to the transmission, reduce the vibration and impact of the transmission system, complete the "off", "close" task.

The structure of the clutch disc is mainly with torsion damper and without torsion damper, now the clutch disc of the clutch is usually damper, which can reduce the vibration and noise of the transmission system to the maximum extent. Only early cars and special-purpose cars, as well as cars with dual-quality flywheel structures, Clutch Disc use clutch discs without torsional dampers.

Friction clutch relies on the principle of friction to transmit engine power. When there is a gap between the clutch disc and the flywheel, the flywheel does not drive the clutch disc to rotate and the clutch is in a separate state. When the clamping force presses the clutch disc into the flywheel, the flywheel surface rotates the clutch disc on the surface of the clutch disc and the clutch is in a bonding state. The clutch can be transmitted in the following ways: friction-friction clutch; liquid drive-hydraulic coupler; magnetic drive-electromagnetic clutch; the most commonly used car is the friction clutch.

Classification by number of clutch discs

(1) Single-disc clutch: Only one clutch disc.

(2) Two-disc clutch: There are two clutch discs, Clutch Disc the number of friction surface, the transfer of a large torque.