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The Clutch Disc Reduces The Vibration And Impact Of The Transmission System

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Clutch disk is another part of the clutch, is through the friction conversion, the engine torque to the transmission, reduce the vibration and impact of the transmission system, complete the "off", "close" task.

The structure of the clutch disc is mainly with torsion damper and without torsional damper, and now clutch disk clutch disk usually has shock absorber, Clutch Disc which can minimize the vibration and noise of the transmission system. Only early cars and special-purpose cars, as well as cars with dual-quality flywheel structures, use clutch discs without torsional dampers.

Characteristics of clutch discs

1, the product geometry size with the original general clutch disc, installation method is simple.

2, the normal traffic shift operation is simple and comfortable. Clutch Disc No need to step on the clutch pedal, as needed to receive oil can be changed. (When the car starts into a gear and reversing, it still has to tread on the clutch pedal).

3. Prolong the service life of vehicle related parts. Clutch Disc Because the normal driving shift does not step on the clutch pedal, at this time the clutch is in a combination state, reducing the pressure plate and clutch disc wear, but also reduce the cable, separation of bearings and other parts of the action frequency.

4, reduce fuel consumption, Clutch Disc conducive to environmental protection. The clutch is in the bonding state, the power transmission is uninterrupted, Clutch Disc the reactive power loss is reduced and the speed is fast. The same road conditions, the technical products less than ordinary products to reduce fuel consumption of about 15%, but also reduce the roughly the same proportion of emissions.

What are the contents, methods and requirements for the overhaul of the clutch disk?

1, the clutch disk friction plate overhaul using vernier caliper to measure the depth of the head of the rivet, check the wear degree of friction plate, the friction sheet face and rivet head depth limit of 0. 30mm, Clutch Disc the wear limit is 0. 50mm, exceeding the limit should be replaced. The technical condition of the friction plate is usually checked by "visual inspection".

In the repair, such as the technical condition of the friction piece is quite intact, can continue to use. If the friction film has a slight ablation, hardening, Clutch Disc can be used files or coarse emery cloth after the light grinding. The surface of the friction plate is less than 0. 50mm, the friction film should be replaced. If part of the rivet head is exposed, and the thickness of the film is suitable, can deepen rivet hole heavy riveting. Friction sheet wear too thin or rupture, should be replaced.

The new film should be replaced by inspection, if the friction piece is not in use. To remove the old film, the application is 0 smaller than the old rivet diameter. 40-0. 50mm bit, drill out rivet riveting head, then gently sharp down the old rivet, remove the old piece. Clutch Disc With the wire brush to the clutch disk dust and rust, check the clutch disc other parts.

2, Clutch disc steel sheet warpage check and correction clutch Disc steel sheet warping will cause the start of the clutch shaking and wear uneven, so the warp should be checked. The warp of the clutch disc is also known as a round run-out or deflection. Can be mounted on the inspection rack and measured at the outer periphery of the clutch disk with dial. The circle beat limit is 0. 80mm. If the limit is exceeded, Clutch Disc the cold pressure can be corrected by using a special clamp clamping die, or on a special rack with dial test, and the edge measuring edge is calibrated with a special wrench.

3, the clutch disc and the contact plate of the repair clutch plate steel plate and the rivet can be used hammer percussion inspection, if there is loose and broken should be replaced or heavy riveting. Clutch disk spline sleeve keyway wear too large, will lead to start or sudden change in speed when the sound. Can be a model check, the tooth width of the key teeth should not exceed 0. Or the first shaft of the transmission is not worn in the spline part, with the hand back and forth to rotate the clutch disc for inspection, no obvious shaking (the gap is not more than 0.) 44mm), or the new parts should be replaced, or the keyway surfacing after welding with the slotting machine to repair the tooth surface. The matching clearance between the keyway and the first axis spline should be 0.04 10.19mm, Clutch Disc too small will lead to separation is not complete.

4. Inspection of the quality and balance after repair of the friction sheet finally, the quality inspection of the riveting friction film, the requirement is that the friction plate should not have serious crack or damage, the depth of the rivet head should be lmm above the plane of the friction plate, and the clutch disc, Clutch Disc the friction piece and the steel sheet should be closed (0). Lomm Feeler can not be inserted into a person, the clutch disc assembly is placed between the thimble for static balance test, the imbalance should be within the scope of the original, the general imbalance deviation is 18g·cm. If unbalanced, the balance block can be installed on the circumference of 128mm diameter.