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The Importance Of The Clutch Plate

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

The role of the clutch plate is to combine the power of the engine to the gearbox when the combination is combined. Friction plate, also known as clutch plate, because in the clutch, by friction clutch and clutch or clutch, Clutch Disc is an important part of the clutch.

The clutch plate has three important effects: power transmission; power cut off; to prevent overload.

The clutch plate is mounted on the flywheel of the engine and rotates with the engine. The driven plate (that is, the friction plate) is splined with the spline of the gearbox input shaft through the spline groove. When the friction plate rotates, Clutch Disc the gearbox input shaft rotates When the pressure plate in the role of the spring, the pressure on the drive plate, the transmission power; when the pressure plate in the depression under the clutch pedal, the pressure plate back, the drive plate will not have the force, that is, separated state; if Light step on the clutch, the pressure plate of the spring is not all the role, which is half of the clutch, also known as semi-linkage.

Mechanical clutch composition: flywheel (active plate), driven plate, Clutch Disc pressure plate, diaphragm spring

The active part of the clutch and the driven part of the friction between the contact surface, so that the two can be temporarily separated, but also gradually joined, in the transmission process allows two parts to rotate each other.

The driven part is made of monolithic, double or multi-piece driven disc, which transmits the active part to the input shaft of the transmission via friction. The driven plate consists of three basic parts of the driven disk body, friction plate and driven plate hub. In order to avoid resonance in the direction of rotation, Clutch Disc to ease the impact load on the drive train, most cars are equipped with a torsional shock absorber on the clutch plate.

In order to make the car can start smoothly, the clutch should be able to softly engage, which requires the drive plate in the axial with a certain flexibility. To this end, often in the moving plate body part of the body, along the radial and circumferential groove. And the fan-shaped portions formed by the division are warped in the circumferential direction, and the two pieces of the friction plates on both sides are respectively riveted with the corresponding convex portions thereof so that when the driven plate is compressed, Clutch Disc the pressing force varies with the warping portion Is flattened and gradually increased, so as to achieve the effect of bonding soft.

When the clutch is engaged, the torque generated by the engine is transmitted to the friction plate on both sides of the moving plate via the flywheel and the pressure plate, which drives the driven plate body and the damper plate which is riveted together with the driven plate body. The movable disc body and the clutch disc pass the six damper springs to the driven hub. Because of the role of elastic links, Clutch Disc so the transmission by the impact of the rotation can be mitigated. The torsional vibration in the driveline causes the driven hub to rotate back and forth relative to the movable disc body and the damper disc, and the damping pieces sandwiched therebetween are attenuated by torsional vibrations by friction consuming the energy of torsional vibrations.