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Clutch Release Bearing Is A Bearing Bearing

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

Clutch release bearing is an important part of the car, installed between the clutch and the transmission, due to the clutch pressure plate, the separation lever and the engine crankshaft synchronous operation, in order to ensure that the clutch can be connected smooth, soft, reduce wear and tear, extend the clutch and the whole The life of the drive train requires the separation of the bearing by allowing the separation lever to rotate axially along the clutch output shaft. Clutch release bearing disassembly is more complex, time-consuming, this, the choice of high reliability, quality guaranteed bearings, and in the use of reasonable maintenance and maintenance, Clutch Release Bearing can extend the bearing life and improve the user's economic efficiency.

Clutch release bearing is a bearing bearing (commonly known as clutch ball plate), its role is to depress the clutch pedal to withstand the spring thrust plate or drive plate to move the clutch shell direction, that is to say when the clutch pedal The vibrating separation lever is used to overcome the thrust of the platen spring to complete the separation of the clutch.

The clutch release bearing is mounted between the clutch transmissions and the release bearing is loosely fitted over the tubular extension of the first shaft bearing cap of the transmission, Clutch Release Bearing and the shoulder of the release bearing is always abutted against the separation fork by the return spring and retracted to the final position , And the separation lever to maintain a gap of about 2.5mm. As the clutch plate, Clutch Release Bearing the separation lever and the engine crankshaft synchronous operation, and the separation fork can only move along the clutch output shaft, directly with the separation fork to pull the separation lever is clearly not, through the separation of bearings can make the side of the separation of the clutch side The output shaft is moved axially to ensure that the clutch is able to engage smoothly, to separate the softness, to reduce wear and to extend the service life of the clutch and the entire driveline. Tightening wheel is a consumable parts such as cars and other parts, used to adjust the tension of the timing belt, generally with the timing belt for the belt with a long time easy to be elongated. Clutch Release Bearing Some of the tightening wheel can automatically adjust the tension of the belt, the other with the tightening wheel belt to run more smoothly, the noise is small, and can prevent slipping.

Clutch release bearing is a more important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good failure. Not only will cause economic losses, and disassembly a very troublesome, Clutch Release Bearing need to spend a lot of hours. Therefore, it is important to clarify the reasons for the failure of the clutch to separate the imported bearings and to maintain and maintain them reasonably in the use, to extend the life of the imported bearings, to improve the labor productivity and to achieve better economic benefits.

Clutch release bearing should pay attention to the use of the problem: (1) in accordance with the provisions of the operation, to avoid the clutch half-connected semi-separation state, reduce the number of clutch use. (2) pay attention to maintenance, regular or in the annual inspection and maintenance, Clutch Release Bearing the use of cooking so that butter soaked, so that it has sufficient lubricant. (3) pay attention to leveling clutch separation lever, to ensure that the spring return spring meet the requirements. (4) adjust the free travel, to meet the requirements (30-40mm), to prevent the free travel is too large or too small. (5) to minimize the number of joints, the number of separation, reduce the impact load. (6) light step, easy to make it smooth and separate.