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The Clutch Plate Is An Important Part Of The Clutch

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

The clutch disc is mounted on the side of the engine flywheel and the movable plate (clutch plate) axle communicates with the transmission, and their role is to transmit the power of the engine to the gearbox when the combination is combined.

The clutch disc can turn.

The role of the clutch disc and the driven plate is that the power of the engine is transmitted to the gearbox when the two are combined, i.e., the transmission power. Friction plate, Clutch Disc also known as clutch plate, because in the clutch, by friction clutch and clutch or clutch, is an important part of the clutch.

The clutch plate has three important effects: power transmission; power cut off; to prevent overload.

The clutch plate is mounted on the flywheel of the engine and rotates with the engine. The driven plate (that is, the friction plate) is splined with the spline of the gearbox input shaft through the spline groove. Clutch Disc When the friction plate rotates, the gearbox input shaft rotates When the pressure plate in the role of the spring, the pressure on the drive plate, the transmission power; when the pressure plate in the depression under the clutch pedal, the pressure plate back, the drive plate will not have the force, that is, separated state; if Light step on the clutch, the pressure plate of the spring is not all the role, Clutch Disc which is half of the clutch, also known as semi-linkage.

Clutch plate works:

The clutch housing, if it is a two-piece clutch, includes a medium plate mounted on the plunger of the rear end of the flywheel, under the action of a spring (one end is the clutch plate and the other end of the spring is the clutch housing) Combined, Clutch Disc so that the engine power transmission to the gearbox.

The clutch plate has a friction plate, like the brake pads on the wheel, is very wear-resistant asbestos and copper wire, the pressure plate friction plate also has the minimum thickness allowed, the mileage is long, the pressure on the pressure plate The film should be replaced. The original friction plate replacement can buy spare parts to replace their own, and now are already installed to buy a friction plate pressure plate sub-assembly, Clutch Disc do not have their own friction plate, and directly for the clutch plate on it. Clutch Disc In order to reduce the loss of the clutch plate, there is a correct way to use the clutch pedal. It is not half step on the clutch pedal.