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The Force Of The Clutch Plate

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

The clutch plate is an important configuration on the clutch, the pressure plate is a metal disc, the normal state is closely integrated with the clutch plate, as a whole, with the engine rotation, and the power transmission to the gearbox. Clutch discs are generally made of very wear resistant asbestos and copper. The strength of the platen spring, the friction coefficient of the friction plate, the clutch diameter, Clutch Disc the position of the friction plate and the number of clutches are the key factors in determining the performance of the clutch. The greater the stiffness of the spring, the higher the friction coefficient of the friction plate, The greater the diameter, the better the clutch performance.

When the clutch pedal is depressed, Clutch Disc a separation lever is mounted on the clutch housing, the separation lever is close to the side of the clutch, that is, the shortest side of the lever fulcrum is connected to the platen. Through the gearbox input axle sleeve on the separation bearing, pushing the longest end of the separation lever, so that the separation lever pull the clutch plate to overcome the spring on the pressure plate on the force, making the pressure plate with the clutch plate separation, cut off the engine power output, Clutch Disc You can shift the. Raise the clutch pedal, the platen is again combined with the clutch plate, passing the power.

The active part of the clutch disc and the driven part of the friction between the contact surface, or with the liquid as a transmission medium (hydraulic coupling), Clutch Disc or with a magnetic transmission (electromagnetic clutch plate) to transmit the torque, so that both Can be temporarily separated, but also gradually joined in the transmission process allows two parts to rotate each other. Currently widely used in the car is a spring-loaded friction clutch plate (referred to as the friction clutch plate).

The torque generated by the engine, through the flywheel and pressure plate and driven plate friction surface contact, pass to the drive plate. When the driver depresses the clutch disc pedal, Clutch Disc through the transmission of the machine, so that the large end of the diaphragm spring driven pressure plate back, then the driven part of the active part of the separation.

The friction clutch plate should meet the following basic requirements:

(1) to ensure that the engine can send the maximum torque, and there is a certain transmission torque force.

(2) can be separated, thoroughly separated, soft when joined, and has a good cooling capacity.

(3) The moment of inertia of the driven part is as small as possible. Thus, when the clutch disc is disengaged, the rotational speed of the portion connected to the transmission input shaft is relatively easy to change, thereby reducing the impact between the gears.

(4) has the ability to mitigate the direction of rotation, Clutch Disc the ability to decay the direction of vibration, and the noise is small.

(5) pressure plate and friction plate friction coefficient changes small, stable work.

(6) manipulation of effort, easy maintenance.